About Us

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is a 501(c)(3) environmental health and justice organization working with communities that neighbor the state’s oil refineries and chemical plants. The EPA-approved “bucket” is a simple, community friendly tool that fenceline neighbors use to take air samples. We complement the community group by adding a level of technical expertise to their work. We provide this tool and training to community members to monitor and expose industrial pollution as it happens. We assist residents in their fight to reduce pollution and protect public health. We work with community groups to help them take air samples, water samples, seafood samples, etc., and achieve their goals, be it relocation away from a polluting facility, reduced pollution or a moratorium on facility expansions. The more evidence the communities gather, the more power they have to attain their goals.

Check out our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and report pollution, odors, oil spill sightings and more on the Chemical Accidents Crisis Map.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Anne Craig says:

    Get on Twitter!!! Easy way to get your word out to broader audience.

  2. Bill Kinner says:

    Anne Rolfes, of c-span testimony

    I’m retired & have devoted the past two months reviewing every known article or study conducted on COREXIT 9527 (known “Valdez Oil Spill” & future associated problems).
    A month ago I contacted Gov. Bobby Jindals office with same info as well as Wilma Subra of Subra Labs , La. & sent her a broken-down formulation for this product.For a taste of the truth google New Jerseys “Hazardous Chemical List” enter ( COREXIT 9500 & COREXIT 9527). LISA JACKSON (she’s aware) current head of EPA used to head this N.J. dept.( see her bio on Wikkipidea) .I have gained an extensive collection of dwnlds. & studies. At my concern Anderson Cooper 360 & Dr. Sahnjay Guptha have touched upon these briefly on CNN. Not good news. Good Luck !

  3. Bill Kinner says:

    I heard Anne Rolfes concern loud & clear..No one has a conclusive answer..Always drop the product..then test for adverse effects..Sounds a lot like “Agent Orange”…Anderson Cooper has been reassigned to Hatti… He had been with you reporting since day one..CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 & his film crew were denied further access to your water areas, marsh areas & BP’s Mobile Treatment Units. Reason given,”too dangerous”…Freedom of the press taking a hit ..The inability to document & report on dying brown pelicans,over 400 sea-turtles , numerous fish & other aquatic lifeforms. A reported total of 53 air-breathing Dolphins have died. Do you have access to any stats on those workers treated at BP’s Mobile Treatment Centers ? All BP workers have been ordered to use these specific treatment centers. I love retirement, so much time to absorb information.

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