November iWitness Map Monthly Report

molly_bio_picBy Molly Brackin, Monitoring & Evaluation Associate

The number of citizen reports to the iWitness Pollution Map is down from 121 in October to 74 in November. Hopefully this dip in reporting is due to safer refining practices, as the number of National Response Center reports is down as well. Unfortunately, 43 of the 166 NRC reports in the month of November came from Onshore Facilities (read: refineries and chemical companies). That means there was an average of 1.4 accidents a day last month, which means that Louisiana refineries still have lots of room for improvement.

For better or worse, oil is a big part of Louisiana’s economy- which is all the more reason to demand cleaner, safer refineries. Louisianians should’t have to compromise our health and our environment’s health for money. Residents should continue to advocate for best practices in refineries. Speak out about the pollution in your community, because if you don’t it’s like it never happened.
November 2013 iWitness Report
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