Three Years Later

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Anne Rolfes, Founding Director

The end of the BP trial last week coincided with the three year anniversary of the company’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This poetic timing is in contrast to the ugly reality before us: livelihoods destroyed, wildlife at risk. Yet Louisiana can learn and improve from this disaster. Here are three things you can do to make the oil industry more accountable in this state:

1.      Call or write our Senators and tell them to stop acting as spokespeople for the oil industry. Who calls himself a climate change skeptic? David Vitter. Who wants to lift the ban on BP drilling in our Gulf? Mary Landrieu. Every time you hear or read or see these two in the news spouting the oil industry’s line, contact their office. The only way they will defend us instead of the oil industry is if we make them do it.

Senator Landrieu contact: online form or (202) 224-5824.

Senator Vitter contact: online form or (202) 224-4623

2.      Report oil industry accidents if you see them by texting or calling  (504) 272-7645. Need an easy way to remember that? 27 27 OIL! Plug that number into your phone. If you don’t see any accidents in progress you can keep apprised of them via the Refinery Accident Database and the iWitness Pollution Map.

3.      Follow other groups and individuals working on these issues: Gulf Monitoring ConsortiumBob Marshall of The Lens, Gulf Restoration Network.

Reforming the oil industry is daunting. But it is also possible.

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    Everyone affected by oil policy should be active by now . . .

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