Response to LMOGA: February 2013 report


Thanks for reading our monthly accident report!  People may forget what they had for breakfast, but they will never forget horrible smells that sent them to the emergency room or explosions that blew out all the windows in their home for as long as they live. Though their reports may be 24 days old, Louisianans will never forget the image of Bayou Perot burning, the feeling of heavy breathing, and the experience of their child vomiting white fluids.

It may not be intuitive to understand how numbers were calculated and what headings like “All Reports” means—that’s why we wrote this blog.

If you have questions about our monthly report, you can call us, email us, even text us. You ignored our offer to meet last month, but you have an open invitation to drop by our office to constructively discuss the future of the industry.

Thanks for your time, and hope you enjoy our March 2013 report!


Louisiana Bucket Brigade

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