Oil Industry Trade Group Celebrates 90 Years at Ritz Carlton February 20-21


By Kristen Evans, Art-to-Action Coordinator

The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association — a trade
association and lobbying group representing industry –celebrates its 90th birthday next week at its annual meeting February 20-21 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans.

Why are they celebrating? For over 90 years, oil and gas has given
Louisiana dangerous jobs for a dirty industry. At refineries alone,
the industry averages an accident almost every day. This does not even
include accidents at rigs, pipelines and chemical plants. The oil and
gas industry makes a lot of claims about benefiting Louisianans with
jobs. Nonetheless, Louisiana ranks LAST on the Camelot Index-a
composite index comparing how the fifty states fare on measures of
economic vitality, education, health, crime and governance. Not only
has the industry’s claims of economic benefits and jobs not even
gotten us out of last place, we believe that the devastation to our
health and environment wrought by the industry ensures that we stay at
the bottom.See more here

We challenge LMOGA to work for a safer, cleaner, healthier Louisiana
from this day forward.

We’ll be singing happy birthday to LMOGA on February 21st. Join us at
a meeting and rehearsal on February 17th at 3 pm. Contact Kristen at
kristen@labucketbrigade.org for details!

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