Super Gras Champions!


By Rie Ma, Project Lead for Zombeads

Make maxing out celebrations work for you!

Now more than ever, our fair city wants to party hard and party green. ZomBeads is going to walk you through not only surviving, but winning Super Gras.

1. Where y’at: local as low-key. Heading out? Forget parking and hit up public transit (with a brand new streetcar line!). Staying home? Pick local brews and chow. Not only will you keep your dollars in the community, but be honest: our beers are way better than bottom shelf “lite” choices.

2. Geaux Team: throws and gear. Of course we want you to throw and catch locally made Mardi Gras throws, but don’t forget about all of the local options for football gear and tchotchkes. From handmade wreaths to local photography, we kneaux football.

3. Munchies and Libations: low maintenance is key. Sometimes it’s nice to make a stunning meal that will be savored and complimented. One of those times is not the Super Bowl, as food isn’t eaten so much as it is inhaled during the annual gladiator fest. For parading or parade watching, keep that tip in mind with snacks that can hang out in your bag for hours without poisoning you.

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