I’ll Be Back




By Raleigh Keagan, LABB Member Action Associate


I would like to take this, my last post at the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, to call out the amazing folks who I have had the privilege of working alongside over the past year. Not only did I luck out with perhaps the best staff/family anyone could ask for, I also somehow managed to land my “dream” job the first time out. I was first introduced to Environmental Justice in a Sociology course one of my first semesters in college. Nearly instantaneously I fell in love. One of the clinching factors was a film I was meant to see: Blue Vinyl: The World’s First Toxic Comedy.

In addition to everything else I learned in this incredible class, this documentary introduced me a very prevalent and pervasive issue in today’s society: Industrial Pollution. Somewhere between infuriated passion and blind determination, I knew I had found the focus for my future. I could think of nothing more useful for my time than working to empower those that had been and continued to be taken advantage of by industrial giants who place profits over people.

When I landed a position with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade I didn’t think my luck could possibly prove any better. Little did I know that the year to come would be more memorable than I ever imagined. From the dedication of each and every member of the Bucket Brigade, to the incomparable sense of unity the organization strives for (and succeeds!), being a part of this non-profit has changed me for the better in innumerable ways.

Needless to say, I am very saddened to be leaving my family of the past year. But I know this is not the end. My passion for the issues the Bucket Brigade addresses still burns bright, my love of this city and the people in it is only growing, and I have yet to fully experience all that Mardi Gras has to offer; I will be back.

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