Hard to Say Goodbye



By Lenora Gobert, LABB Social Entrepreneur


It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a great group of people that you’ve worked with for a short or a long time. I came to the Louisiana Bucket Brigade at the end of 2010 to craft a plan to make LABB’s New Orleans Earth Day Festival a financially sustainable event and to work on ideas for a revenue-generating social business that can contribute financially to the environmental health and justice initiatives of LABB.  Although the plan was for me to be at the Bucket Brigade for one year, that morphed into 2 years.

I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, fun and considerate group with which to work.  This was my first time working with a non-profit (I come from years of corporate advertising and marketing and owning my own business) so it was a real adjustment for me.  People speak a very different language and respond to situations in a less pragmatic way than I know.  I had to learn the language of grants (wow!) and how collaboration (the much-used “C” word) works among agencies and individuals.  Being someone who has a social streak in me anyway, the collaboration thing was not difficult to take on.

I really want to thank Anne for being so interested in my extracurricular passion of genealogy and supporting my interest with books, seminars and other related events. I want to thank Anna for her always-sunny attitude and taking me to my very first Second Line (we won’t talk about how it aggravated my old knee injury!).  And, of course there’s Hope Roussell our Office Manager who is SO accommodating to all of us. Finally, the other full-time, part-time, volunteer, intern and any other category of workers and partners who have come through LABB during my two-year tenure…thanks for being such great people and contributing so much to the Bucket Brigade and my positive quality of life.


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