Presenting at the American Public Health Association





By Jay Colingham MPH, LABB Research Associate


Anna Hrybyk, Program Manager for the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB), has had a whirlwind of a week with her recognition as both a New Orleans community leader and a ground breaker in community action at the annual conference for the American Public Health Association (APHA).

With Senior Attorney Advisor US EPA Office of Environmental Justice Suzi Ruhl, JD MPH

New Orleans’ Gambit Magazine selected Anna as one of 2012’s 40 under 40, representing forty people under the age of forty-years old that have accomplished great milestones and contributed to the community. With a Masters of Public Health, and a long history as an international health worker, Anna was happy to present her current work in community action for environmental justice at this year’s APHA conference.

Her presentation is titled “Force Multipliers”: Civic Engagement in Enforcement to Achieve Environmental Justice. In addition to her recognized work with LABB, Anna is also a DJ at WTUL, hosting her world music show every Thursday evening, and has served New Orleans as a family advocate and foster parent. In our eyes, she is a true inspiration for the community to rally behind. While humbly received, her praise is well earned.

A copy of Anna’s poster at APHA shows her ability to resolve complex problems using simple steps. The model she uses fits well strategically with refinery accidents in Louisiana and is proving successful at chemical plants as well.

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