Environmental Justice Corps and Jackson State University

By Lenora Gobert, LABB Social Business Director


It was a beautiful day for a road trip to Jackson State University in Jackson, MS with the purpose of introducing our Environmental Justice Corps Fellowship Program to the university.

Many universities have introduced service learning programs over the years and JSU is one institution that is doing it very well.  Service Learning is a method of teaching that combines formal instruction with a related service in the community. Jackson State’s Center for Service & Community Engaged Learning has the mission of engaging faculty members, students, and community partners in endeavors that combines community service with academic learning. In addition, the Center seeks to inspire and facilitate meaningful partnerships among faculty, students, and community organizations that foster:

1. Experiential Learning
2. Real-World Problem Solving
3. Faculty and Student Scholarship
4. Awareness of Diversity and Multicultural Issues
5. Broadened Global Perspectives
6. Community Involvement
7. Compassion and Concern Towards Others
8. Leadership
9. Active Citizenship
10. Social Consciousness for Improving the World

This is the perfect environment for EJ Corps, a program to develop young participants and leaders in the Environmental Justice movement. The beauty of JSU’s service learning department is that it is centralized and works closely with faculty to develop coursework and execute the programs. It provides credit for service learning hours completed. It provides a “clearing house” for students to find community organizations and non-profit partners so students can work in areas for which they have a passion.

I was very impressed after having visited Jackson State University and the potentially strong and meaningful connections we can establish with our Environmental Justice Corps Fellowship program.

Well done, Jackson State!


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