Hell and High Water: Oil and gas wells and pits in the path of the flood

Click the image above to download a larger version of the map. Created by LABB collaborator Jakob Rosenzweig, this map shows the enormity of oil and gas infrastructure that’s currently being affected in the flood zone. After spending the last week questioning industry leaders and state and federal agencies, we discovered that there is no clear plan for emergency preparedness and monitoring of potential chemical accidents in an area riddled with oil and gas operations.

We organized a press conference about the issue this morning on the capitol steps in Baton Rouge, and we are sending a letter to officials to address the lack of available information.

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One Response to Hell and High Water: Oil and gas wells and pits in the path of the flood

  1. Thad Daly says:

    Trying to find posting about 13,000 wells, 3,500 oil extraction operations and 4,000 waste pits endangered by flood in Louisiana.
    Numbers hard to believe. The only place being flooded in Louisiana is the Atchafalaya Basin. To have 13,000 wells would require that 216 be drld each and every yr from 1950. At 4 wells per rig a yr that would require 54 rig drilling continious for the last 60 yrs. And what is oil extraction operations, how do they differ from oil and gas wells?

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