Photos of the new oil in Grand Isle

Grand Isle March 22, 2011

Grand Isle 2 March 22, 2011

Grand Isle 4 March 22, 2011

Grand Isle 5 March 22, 2011

Grand Isle 6 March 22, 2011

An update sent in from LABB’s environmental monitor, Peter Brabeck:

Beginning last Saturday, the staff at Louisiana Bucket Brigade began receiving phone calls from residents of Grand Isle claiming that large quantities of new oil was washing ashore. On Monday, LABB went to investigate. Upon arriving we witnessed an all-too familiar scene: once pristine beaches teeming with clean-up crews and workers laying protective boom in an attempt to prevent the oil from washing ashore. LABB was told that the clean-up crews this time were federal response teams rather than BP crews. This was because the oil washing ashore had not been determined as oil from BP’s Macando well and may be from another source. (Editor’s note: The Times-Picayune reported today that a Houston company accepted the blame for the recent spill.)

Oil was everywhere. It was piled up on booms in a heavy brown sludge, it was clearly visible in the waves and a sheen was on the water. Residents we met in Grand Isle were expressing emotions ranging from anger to a profound sadness to apathy. The phrase “It just doesn’t end” was uttered several times.

While walking the shores gathering samples, one Grand Isle resident remarked how sad it was to be walking past the multitudes of tar balls from the last spill and yet be witnessing more oil washing ashore 11 months to the day later.

LABB took samples of the water, which will be sent in for analysis today (March 23). This will help determine the toxicity of the water.

Meanwhile, photos of this spill from LABB member and Grand Isle resident Betty Doud were published by the Huffington Post. Doud was also quoted in a Times-Picayune article from Monday, which is worth the read for the shockingly contradictory official statements on the cause of the spill.

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