The Norman Foundation visits Southeast Louisiana

Representatives from the Norman Foundation, one of Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s funders, came to Louisiana for a site visit early this week. The group visited communities impacted by the BP Oil Spill in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes Monday and toured refinery communities in St. Bernard Parish on Tuesday.

LABB’s Anne Rolfes demonstrates how to take an air sample in Chalmette.

During a tour of Chalmette, the group met with former residents Joe and Joy Lewis, who spoke of the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. On top of flood damage from the storm, residents also faced a million-gallon oil spill from nearby Murphy Oil that further polluted their properties.

Joy Lewis describes the damage to her former home in Chalmette.

The Lewises had been fighting the pollution from nearby oil refineries Chalmette Refining and Murphy Oil for years as part of St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality before the storm. But after the damage of Katrina and subsequent damage from the Murphy Oil accident, they decided to move out of the parish.

Members of the Norman Foundation also heard presentations from LABB board member Iris Carter and some of LABB’s staff. Thanks to the Norman Foundation for their support and visiting Louisiana! To find out more on the foundation, visit their site:

Members of the Norman Foundation, at the Chalmette Battlefield Feb. 8.

Post by Benjamin Leger, monitoring and evaluation specialist for LABB

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