Photos of oily Mississippi beach, as the state halts spending on clean-up

Blog Post by Ada McMahon, 8/10/10, crossposted from Bridge the Gulf (

Yesterday the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources issued an order to stop local oil disaster work that is funded by state money granted by BP.

According to the Sun Herald,  “[Bill Walker, Director of the Department of Marine Resources] said that at this point, money being spent on boom, testing and other work by local governments might be better spent on things such as promoting Gulf seafood.”

Fishermen are contacting Bill Walker to protest this order:
228-523-4170 or 228-374-5010

The DMR’s order is the latest development in the state and federal governments’ ongoing efforts to declare an end to the oil and dispersant disaster.  Yesterday Obama publicly chowed down on some Gulf seafood, and last week Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour declared Mississippi beaches and seafood clean and safe.

On August 5th, the same day a Sun Herald headline read, “Barbour: State’s surf, sand, and seafood are safe,” I snapped the photos above on a beach in Biloxi, right next to the Beau Rivage casino.

Inside the Beau Rivage, a group of fishermen brought their concerns about seafood safety to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, which was meeting to plan the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico (read more).  In the casino, air conditioning, perfume, carefully landscaped indoor plants, and the constantly pumping easy listening soundtrack made for a comfortable, if manufactured, environment for visiting tourists.  Outside, there were dead fish and crab, and visible oil and boom.  It smelled of dead fish for the four days I was in Biloxi, my nostrils were irritated after spending a few minutes outdoors, and other complained of headaches and irritated nose and throats.

Fishermen and Press!  If you want to connect with a growing group of fishermen across the Gulf states who are standing up for their livelihoods and for America’s safety, please contact:

Tracy Kuhns
Association of Family Fishermen and Louisiana Bayoukeepers
Barataria, Louisiana


Thao Vu
Mercy Housing and Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese American Fisherfolk and Families
Biloxi, Mississippi

For images please visit:

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One Response to Photos of oily Mississippi beach, as the state halts spending on clean-up

  1. Bill Kinner says:

    Ijust got an e-mail from EPA Daily updates, too which I subscribe ! They announced a “Town-hall Meeting” to be held on Aug.12,2010 1-2 pm for questions & answers. Until you learn the administrator & staff are not user friendly, don’t offer any suggestions. Obama hand-picked & appointed Lisa Jackson to head the EPA. The EPA has an agenda, “everything GREEN “. As head of EPA she is using the “Clean-Air Act ” to progress her agenda. “Cap & Trade Bill” is next . Tax on everything carbon. Why do you think the “Gulf Drilling Moritorium” is in effect? Doubt me, go to the EPA website & read her directives to staff & how they intend to bring about “CHANGE” ! Radical changes that don’t include oil & gas. Once the RIGGS move out it’s over.

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