Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s Multiple Locations

We have received numerous comments that we should get on Twitter, and yes we are listening to y’all! We do have a Twitter account, labucketbrigade. As a small grassroots organization, we are working hard to keep all of our media sources updated so please bear with us as we work to improve our means of communication! Keep the comments coming as they help us to improve our work!

You can also find LABB on Facebook by searching “Louisiana Bucket Brigade” and joining our “fan” page. And we have a website that highlights updates, press releases, our Refinery Accident Database and the other various campaigns and programs that we are working on. That website is www.labucketbrigade.org. And while your visiting, please make a donation and help us to continue our work!

-Shannon, Member Action Association, LABB (shannon@labucketbrigade.org)

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